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Copyright 2009 Daniel Sternklar
All characters can be animated and talk!

Daniel Sternklar, of, is pledging Hollywood production values on a B-movie budget!

THE PROBLEM WITH "HORROR MOVIE" SITES? They all look the same. Want to draw audiences and business from competitive sites? We can invigorate your own site with a unique design and/or content. We're pledging Hollywood production value on a slight B-movie budget. We can furnish you with a spokesperson or newscaster: the attached image shows only a few samples from the hundreds of characters in our talent pool. Another option: We can create a talking/animated actor that adheres to your own specifications! LIVE talent is also available! (a division of Clear Star International) is prepared to enhance the vision and perception of your organization. Our collaboration will bring a focused message to your presentation. We take the time to learn about your people, your products, your goals, and your customers. We offer cost-effective solutions to your marketing, training, commercial, and other communication needs. Our state of the art equipment and personnel allows us to offer you practical cost-effective solutions. Our digital uncompressed video editing systems provide pristine quality for your message. We can apply our personal creative technologies, visually stunning 3D animation, video production, special effects, graphics, stereoscopic multimedia, music, and more, to augment the impact of your message and expand your visibility. Your production can be distributed on video, CD, DVD, streamed on the web or even "squeezed" into a "business card" sized CD.

Enjoy sample videos, youtube, vimeo, and many other video sites